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How Fitsyn Works

Fitsyn is an All-In-One platform for marketing automation that is custom branded for each client:

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    Position Your Campaign

    Fitsyn helps clients strategize and design full funnel campaigns to maximize client conversion.

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    Launch Your Platform

    Go live with your complete campaign & traffic management with included marketing automation system.

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    Work With Team Fitsyn

    Fitsyn is unique in the sense that we monitor campaign KPI's and provide suggested optimization.

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Real-time consumer tax debt leads

Begin Generating

Begin with the accurate consumer tax debt

Fitsyn starts with filtering consumer requests to ensure the tax debt situation is valid and not a request for filing a tax return or other service.

Real-time high intent forms & inbound calls.

Our customers love the fact that consumers are starting with intent and are filtered correctly to match the destination insurance service.

Ask about our form fill push to inbound call bundle.


Tax Debt Path

Tax Resolution Active
  • Insurance Survey Feeds
  • High-Intent Forms
  • Raw Call Ins
  • Form push to Calls
  • Dedicated assets
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Lead Generation Roadmap

Customer journey is monitored from traffic origination to internal automated engagement for top quality and optimization.

Traffic Origination
Social, Search, Survey

Fitsyn generates traffic from owned assets, ads placed by Fitsyn internal media buyers and third-party publisher network. All traffic is monitored for consistency and quality of consumer solicitation.

Filter Mechanisms & Assets
Cleaning inbound raw traffic

Inbound traffic is sent to Fitsyn owned assets or Fitsyn monitored filtering mechanisms. Raw traffic needs to be sorted and confirmed for intent in the destination product. This happens before you receive the lead.

Client Distribution
Real-time routing

Now that the traffic has been converted to forms or calls the next steps is the routing directly to your crm or lead capture system. We integrate seamlessly to all systems, crm and phone routing structures.

Constant KPI Analysis
Creating a feedback loop

Now that your company has received the inbound leads, Fitsyn begins to monitor for KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and will work with your management team on performance and how to scale in a stable manner.

  • Owned Web Assets

    Fitsyn builds and deploy online web assets for all major verticals. This allows the internal media buy team the ability generate the right type of traffic and maintain control in house for lead quality to t peak performance all of the time. Each asset is monitored and optimized every week on a continuous process of iteration, split testing and optimization.

  • Multi or Exclusive Assets

    Multi:Multi managed assets are those in which multiple buyers are affixed to one asset and, by ration and spend, are delivered leads in a weighted pattern. This works well for internal teams to use larger budgets to scale farther then most exclusive assets. In this scenario there is less customization and the absence of “provided by”, “Sponsored By” branding for your business.

    Exclusive:Exclusive is great for brands that need specific questions on the form, desire to receive the calls post form and would like to have the company name prominently displayed as the consumer is prompted to call in or take action.

  • Fast Asset Setup

    Setup is easy and can be completed in just a few hours. We take the time upfront to ensure all of your systems and out tracking software is perfectly integrated before the lead flow begins. Allow our technical team to walk you through the on boarding process.

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